Your Redemption

Your Redemption is a 5- piece extreme metal band from Leipzig, Germany. Considered from many as deathcore, the band was formed in 2011 in a small garage from two brothers. Just like every band in the beginning.

The brothers Bastian (current guitar player) and Marcus (current drummer) worked on different projects, before starting Your Redemption. They both started the band with doing covers of other bands’ instrumentals, before starting writing own songs.

The band had its genuine sound at the beginning, which was something between metal and metalcore. Bastian and Marcus found Hilmar (current guitar player and song writer) not too long after starting the project. So the core of Your Redemption was formed.

The band went through several member changes, struggling to find permanent vocalist and bassist. In 2014 Your Redemption released the band’s first EP “Autumnechoes”. The exact definition of the EP can be “metalcore at its fullest”. Breakdowns, melodies, singing, screaming – just some of the characteristics, which Your Redemption used in their first EP.

The band began being noticed on a local level, after starting promoting the EP. The separation from their singer, who recorded “Autumnechoes” didn’t come in the best time, as the band was starting building steam. While in the search of a new front face, two things, which changed the band, happened. The boys changed the direction, in which Your Redemption was going into more brutal and extreme, inspirited by bands like Carnifex, Whitechapel, Born of Osiris, Thy Art is Murder etc. They also met Markus (current bassist) from Leipzig, who fit perfectly slamming the bass, also influenced by heavy music.

The puzzle was almost complete. In early 2016 began Your Redemption a real “research”, looking for the perfect voice to fit in. In May 2016 the boys got in touch with David (current singer), who had moved from Bulgaria to Dresden not too long ago. After two rehearsals with the band, both sides decided, that they will be following the same path. David joined the band and added his influence from black metal, through deathcore to Hip Hop to the table. Shortly after a couple of shows with the full and final formation, they entered the studio in Leipzig.

The new EP “Burning World” was recorded by the guitar player of Walking Dead on Broadway Max in his home studio. The band moved into even more brutal style with low tuned guitars, fast drums and deep growls. Hilmar really expressed his musicianship adding solos and catchy parts, while David covered all the vocal ranges from gutturals to high screams. The band also shot their first official music video to the self-titled track “Burning World”.

Your Redemption is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Play Store, Spotify etc. The band continues writing new music and plays shows. The band is looking for a label with high hopes for the future, hearts burning in desire and that one feeling, which is stronger, than ever – passion for music.