Scott Hepple and the Sun Band ☆ Ashes to Wildflowers - Tour (Newcastle/UK, 60's/70’s, Psychedelic Rock), scott hepple & die hängenden gärten von ehrenfeld präsentieren:

was: Scott Hepple and the Sun Band Ashes to Wildflowers - Tour (Newcastle/UK, 60's/70’s, Psychedelic Rock)



  The Outcrowd (Blueeyed-souly Garagepunk from Cologne)


wann: So. 05.11.2023

wo: die hängenden Gärten von Ehrenfeld

Einlass 19:00, Beginn 20:00





Scott Hepple and the Sun Band are a Psychedelic Rock Band from Newcastle, UK. The band favours a 60's/70's sound, with influences including Neil Young, Black Sabbath, The Beatles and Ty Segall

Debut album 'Ashes to Wildflowers' was recorded analo- gue with Maximo Park's Duncan Lloyd, and was mastered by the renowned Chicago-based engineer Carl Saff (Sonic Youth, Ty Segall, J Mascis). 

"The album's main theme of reincarnation goes hand in hand with the production" Scott says. "I wanted to produ- ce the overdriven raw analogue sound that was rife in the late 60's/early 70s, which is where I take alot of my inspi- ration from". 

The first single 'Letting Go' was released in January, followed by 'Nobody Else (Is Gonna Do It For You)' in April. On the run up to their headline UK and European album tour in Autumn/Winter, the band are supporting acts such as Love, Teke Teke, Nice Biscuit, GIFT and Ghost Woman. In June 2023, they performed at Third Man Records in London. 


The Outcrowd

Blueeyed-souly Garagepunk


Die vierköpfige Band, geboren im Schoß der Kölner Sixtiesszene, mixt viel Garage und als zusätzliche Inkredenzien Soul und Punk, zu einem köstlichen Potpourri der Sinne. Die vier sensiblen Schöngeister (Sixtiesorganist, singender Drummer, Gitarrist, Bassist) teilten die Bühne mit Genregrößen wie „The Morlocks“ und „The Thanes“ und waren zuletzt zu Gast bei wichtigen Genreveranstaltungen wie „Two men from L.I.NZ.“ oder dem Ballroom Bash des Soundflatlabels.