Ricardo Falcon

Guitarist since 1999.

- Has made various freelance jobs in studio since 2004.

- Guitar teacher since 2005.

- Graduated as audio engineer and ProTools operator in 2006.

- Graduated as Music Producer in 2008.

- Between 2008 and 2009, studied bass with Nilton Wood at EM&T - One of the biggest conservatory of Latin America.

- Recorded the album "Make my suffer short" with itSELF in 2009.

- In 2009 moved from São Paulo to Barcelona and started to cooperate as a booking manager with various bands and management companies.

- In 2010 made his first european tour with itSELF, extended to a second tour exclusively in Slovakia.

- In 2011 organised several tours in Europe for bands such as Nuclear, Amethyst, Torture Squad, Rezet, Inferia and Vomepotro.

- In 2012 made his 3rd european tour with itSELF playing in over 20 european countries. Performed some workshops too.

- In 2013 organised an European tour for Desecrated Sphere.

- In 2013 toured again with itSELF, playing on several open air festivals through Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Ukraine.

- In 2013 cooperated with LABOGA AMPS & CABLES which resulted in 1 year full endorsement agreement. Also made several promotional campaigns for them.

- In 2013/2014 currently composes the new album of itSELF which is in recording process at Hertz Studio and is offering guitar and bass lessons in Wroclaw, Poland.

- In 2015 played at the Senate Square in Helsinki at the unique event “100 guitars from Hel” commanded by Alexi Laiho.

- In 2016 joined the legendary Dutch death metal band Sinister as the official guitarist and bassist. Also moved to Netherlands and is currently offering lessons in Amsterdam.

- Is endorsed by WACKEN FOUNDATION, ESP Guitars & Basses and EMG Pickups.

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